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Kenneth D. Gallinger, O.D.

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Pediatric to Geriatric:

Diagnosis, Treatment, &
Co-Management: Eye Disease, Red Eyes,
Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Cataract,
and Laser Vision Correction
(LASIK, PRK, etc)

Contact Lens Clinic: All Types of Contact Lenses Specializing in "Difficult To Fit"

Vision Therapy: Perceptual Skills and
Reading Problems

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Ken Gallinger, O.D.
Ken Gallinger, O.D.
20/20 Eyesight is NOT 20/20 Vision
Can A Child Recognize Vision
Related Problems?
Could Your Child Be At Risk?
Our V.I.P. May Be The Very
Answer You Seek...
What Can V.I.P. Do That
Quick-Fix Exams Cannot?
What is the V.I.P. Strategy?
Will Insurance Cover the Cost?
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