Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kenneth D. Gallinger

Dr. Kenneth D. Gallinger, of ClearVision EYECARE & OPTICAL in San Antonio, Texas, is a licensed and trained professional optometrist with a passion for helping people to realize the importance of optical and visual health. Dr. Gallinger specializes in everything from pediatric to geriatric eye services.

We know that for some people, your real problem is not a lack in ability to see, but rather like thousands of others, it is a lack of acute vision. You might have perfect eyesight, but your vision is impaired. Understanding the difference is critical and we are committed to explaining the difference to you.

Recognizing Vision
Young children know only what they see, not what or how they are supposed to see. Naturally they think everyone else perceives the world as they do. This is how those with vision issues see the world, and this can be disastrous.

You could find yourself doing poorly in life and be at a loss of what to do. You might have examined all ordinary physical and emotional reasons for your behavior and are still no closer to finding any answers. What you need is a behavioral optometrist. 

This trained professional will discover what you experience and find what causes the issues you are having. From severe eye strain to natural genetics, Dr. Gallinger can help. While routine vision tests performed by most eye care professionals measure eyesight, they do not include the kinds of testing that can identify visually related learning problems.

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